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Modyo Leaders Engage with Financial Leaders at Events in Mexico & Chile

23 September 2022, Santiago Chile – September has seen Modyo leadership engage with audiences across financial sectors and a pair of events in both Mexico and Chile. 

In detailing what the future holds in financial technology and a vision for a path forward, Jose Antonio Silva (CTO) and Mark Bonnell (CEO), both addressed leaders and innovators as part of a greater conversation around the waves of change coming to how large financial organizations are meeting the needs of their customers through composable solutions in the front end via the Modyo platform. 

Jose Antonio “Tonio” Silva, had the opportunity to speak to banking leaders from across Mexico at the AWS FSI Symposium in Mexico City. Along with Alejandro Masseroni, General Manager of Mambu Mexico, Tonio discussed how a cloud-based frontend platform like Modyo can empower the digital ecosystems of banks and financial services organizations across Mexico, by way of solutions hosted through AWS, with which Modyo is both an Advanced Technology and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partner, previously winning ISV Partner of the Year in 2021.

foto de José Antonio Silva CTO de Modyo

Later in the month, Mark Bonnell, CEO of Modyo, gave a talk to banking and digital innovation leaders at the 7th Latin American Congress of Business and Technology in Santiago, Chile. At the conference, Mark explained Modyo's core proposition to simplify digital experiences for financial customers, through the three core concepts of acceleration, evolution and ecosystem. Drawing upon a rich history from thinkers and technology leaders such as Andy Grove, Peter Drucker, and John Doer, Mark touched on themes of scalability, future-proofing, actionable data, and much more.

These events present opportunities for Modyo to explain their core mission of helping organizations build better digital experiences for millions of people, to engage with a growing partner ecosystem, and to talk to industry leaders about the technology Modyo is building to make that vision a reality.

As Modyo's leadership is able to better explain and educate the importance of innovative frontend technology, the company continues to realize both its vision and core mission.

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