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Modyo adds notifications to core platform

Digital Experience Platform

We’re pleased to share that we’ve added a new core feature to the Modyo Platform - Notifications.

Notifications in Modyo complement Modyo Customers to help our clients easily notify their customers via web and mobile devices of key transactions, promotions or relevant marketing messages connected to customer segments. Additional in Modyo Insights, our clients can see the effectiveness of their messages to target audiences. 

We found that several clients were looking for a simpler notification solution that could be implemented quickly and maintained over time. So we began iterating on a notification solution that had an API to push key transactions to clients or could be leveraged for short, non intrusive marketing notifications when customers were logged into their digital channel. 

Using Notifications in Modyo complements Modyo Channels by creating or triggering via an API short messages that give customers feedback, transaction confirmation or special promotions. 

Notifications for Financial Institutions

Notifications via an API integrated to our platform

Digital channel managers, digital marketers, and developers looking to send notifications of key transactions can leverage Notifications to easily send targeted messages that notify customers when they login of pending transactions or customer benefits. 

Notifications in Modyo complement Email messaging of which our current clients use to send both transactional and marketing emails from within the same platform without having to increase costs or add additional integrations to third party systems. Modyo out of the box is integrated to Sendgrid for email marketing and messaging.  

Using Notifications as part of Modyo Customers provides a digital channel solution for web sites, mobile sites and mobile applications that is easy to deploy and works across all Modyo Channels.

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