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Modyo 2020 in Review

Digital Experience Platform

We’d like to thank our clients and partners for the tremendous collaboration and trust  in a challenging 2020 environment. This past year, everyone was forced to rethink their plans and strategies with the now infamous “new normal”. This new normal put digital transformation front and center in the strategies of most of our clients and partners.

With this in mind, we at Modyo reached many milestones during our journey through 2020 that we’d like to share with you, as well as news and other interesting data points as we begin 2021.

Modyo “9”

In 2020 we launched the 9th version of our Modyo platform. Built with more input than ever from great clients and partners, thus far we’ve received some amazing feedback. In a crowded market of digital experience platforms, headless cms’, traditional cms’ and javascript frameworks, we believe that the Modyo platform truly helps our clients build better omnichannel digital products. Our decoupled architecture running in the cloud is allowing digital factories move with greater agility in simplifying the way digital experiences get designed, built, delivered, and improved over time to meet the demands of customers expecting self-serve remote solutions.

Transforming Financial Institutions

At Modyo, we were able to add more financial institutions as clients in 2020 in Chile, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. These financial institutions are in great company as we begin to make public in 2021 the hard work of our Modyo teams with a growing portfolio of large financial services companies that want to optimize their ability to innovate on behalf of their customers.

International Expansion

We’ve continued to consolidate our team in the North of Latin America (NOLA), and we’re proud of our team on the ground in Colombia. Heading into 2021 our continued focus on Colombia, Mexico, and Central America is very important to us.

Our initial clients in the United States and Europe have become Modyo believers and we look forward to the year ahead. From Vancouver to Barcelona to Berlin, we have Modyo people working to add value to our global clients and partners.

A New Type of Digital Ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem begins 2021 radically different from January 2020. We now have more certified partners than we’ve ever had in the history of the company. These partners participated in our first remote hackathons, we hosted educational webinars, and most importantly we launched our first digital products to clients together. Between both our consulting and delivery partners, and our technology partners such as AWS and Commercetools, the benefits to our clients will only continue to grow.

AWS, Commercetools & Modyo

It’s no secret that we’re AWS fans. As an AWS Advanced Technology partner, we’re helping our clients move faster, more intelligently and with greater security. As more clients and partners continue to adopt AWS and cloud technologies, Modyo will be there to accelerate how digital products get built and launched across web and mobile channels leveraging the cloud.

Our focus on building the best omnichannel experiences using Modyo as a Frontend Development environment opened many opportunities in 2020. Some of these opportunities led us to sign new partnership agreements. To this end, Commercetools, the leading headless e-commerce platform, and Modyo signed a partnership to help large clients create more flexible omnichannel e-commerce solutions. We’re headed into 2021 with a strong Commercetools integration.

The Modyo Team in 2021

Finally, we worked incredibly hard on nurturing, promoting and recruiting highly talented people. Our “Why” for everyone on the Modyo Team is to simplify the digital experience for millions of customers. Across the company, we have declared focus areas that we want to deliver on in order to achieve our “Why”. From providing a platform to build simpler web and mobile experiences to helping our partners start with great examples, we are starting 2021 with new energy and setting the bar high for our clients, partners, and our team.

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