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INVEX chooses Modyo to manage their digital channel financial solutions

4 May 2022, Santiago Chile – INVEX, one of Mexico’s leading financial holdings, has chosen Modyo as part of their long-term strategy to build innovation into their digital channels. The announcement comes with the latest updates to the Modyo platform providing key features to power the type of scalable solutions that INVEX has chosen to invest in with their front end technology.

With this selection, the financial holding is focusing on building more security, scalability, and composability into their digital channels, with a concentration on future-proofing the way they will create and maintain experiences consistently across their sites and applications. With Modyo’s experience in end-to-end solutions across banking, financial services, and insurance, their pairing with INVEX promises to bring rich sets of financial experiences and digital products to the Mexican market.

This step forward sets up to advance INVEX’s technology layer with a modern reference architecture in the front end, complete with micro frontends and composability systems that improve delivery quality, increase digital channel security, and reduce their time-to-market.

Modyo’s CEO, Mark Bonnell, had this to say about the new relationship:

“We’re thrilled to work with INVEX. At Modyo we’re always looking for true partners in the form of financial institutions here in Latin America who understand the needs of their clients and are looking to invest in the right technology that helps them advance those goals. This collaboration promises to open new doors and forge new ways of building and delivering financial experiences to all of INVEX’s customers, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Mario Piazzesi, Head of Innovation and Digital Banking at INVEX said that "our alliance with Modyo reinforces our goal of turning INVEX into a financial services tech company, 100% focused in the needs of our clients and in improving their digital experience with all of our products and services."

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