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Fundación delamujer migrates to Modyo Platform to launch public and private transactional sites

Bucaramanga (Colombia) October 1, 2021 - Modyo worked with Fundación delamujer to rebuild and migrate their public and transactional private sites to the cloud, creating a seamless and secure experience for administrators and customers.

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Fundación delamujer is the largest and most representative microfinance organization in Colombia, with presence in 92% of the territory and more than 35 years of experience. It promotes economic and social development through a broad portfolio of urban and rural products and has expanded opportunities for growth and development for thousands of customers that rely on its extensive microcredit experience.

By teaming with Modyo, Fundación delamujer was able to transform their public and private transactional site to adapt to their clients’ needs and deliver new opportunities that will add value to their business objectives. 

Through leveraging the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundación delamujer migrated to a single platform that manages and gathers data from multiple channels, giving commercial teams full autonomy of content creation and management. 

The new FDLM digital channels allow customers better access to content, engagement with a virtual assistant, a library of videos of frequently asked questions, location searching through an interactive map, surveys, and so much more. Read the full Fundacion delamujer case study to learn more about how using the Modyo Platform is accelerating their digital transformation.

“Fundación delamujer offers diverse possibilities for innovation and user experience, as a differentiating and relevant element in the digital transformation of our organization. With Modyo, we are generating a leap in the development of valuable functionalities for our customers with a new Web portal, which offers complete content about the organization and multiple facilities in self-management and integration with other service channels quickly, easily and securely.” - Eduardo M. Ojeda Grau, Head of Technology Management, Fundación delamujer 

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