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Fundación delamujer launches new website through Modyo Platform

Digital Experience Platform

Bucaramanga, Colombia, January 14, 2021

We are happy to announce that Fundación delamujer, a Colombian non-profit committed to improving the quality of life and business progress of Colombian microentrepreneurs, has partnered with Modyo to promote digital acceleration to clients in Colombia. Over the past several months, the two companies have been working together to design a new digital channel that empowers entrepreneurs. The first phase of the new website was successfully launched in December 2020.

Fundación delamujer will use the Modyo platform for the implementation of digital experiences that makes life easier for their clients in Colombia. Modyo’s  next generation Digital Experience Platform, with a focus on integration to business systems, will accelerate the creation of different digital financial experiences. In the first phase, Fundación delamujer and Modyo have worked together closely to make the digital experience highly accessible and easy for customers across mobile and web devices. 

With Modyo’s headless architecture, the website is easy to navigate on computers, tablets and mobile devices. Customers receive timely, digestible responses with the virtual assistant, and can view videos that answer frequently asked questions. The website is full of real testimonials, and the dynamic widgets allow users to quickly access information. One initial goal has been to provide employees and customers with tools and resources that they have not previously been able to access.


"Working hand in hand to rethink an onmi-channel strategy that allows our clients to participate in a holistic experience is a challenge that can be experienced by any microfinance institution, and even more so in Colombia, where financial inclusion has a long way to go. For Fundación delamujer, it is a pleasure to take these risks for a digital future with the company of a provider that listens and attends to the needs of the market." - Rebeca Monsalve Ramirez, Director of Branding, Fundación delamujer

"We’re extremely happy to help Fundación delamujer better service entrepreneurs seeking microcredits across Colombia. Our aim will be to help the foundation build a digital muscle to continue to transform the organization.” - Juan Manuel Cortes, CRO, Modyo

About Fundación delamujer

Fundación delamujer is a microfinance organization that has been providing microfinance solutions for women in Colombia for over 34 years. It allows them to access urban and rural products for productive purposes, such as the purchase of fixed assets or working materials. In addition to microcredit, the organization offers financial education and additional opportunities to accompany its clients throughout their microenterprise trajectory.

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About Modyo

Modyo’s purpose is to help build better customer experiences through a next-generation digital experience platform and a growing partner ecosystem. Modyo’s team consists of 100 employees spread across 3 continents, all motivated and driven by the same passion of accelerating digital transformation.

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