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Deloitte and Modyo Sign Digital Experience Partnership

Digital Experience Platform

Santiago, Chile: We’re pleased to announce that Deloitte and Modyo have signed a partnership agreement to build solutions that accelerate the time to market of digital products using Modyo’s next generation digital experience platform. Deloitte and Modyo will help clients accelerate their digital transformation through web and mobile channels that fundamentally improve the customer experience.

Deloitte and Modyo have several common clients in Latin America and during the past months both companies have been collaborating to streamline how digital channels are designed and built while integrating to core business systems to maximize business impact.

Modyo today has 3 of the 4 largest financial institutions in Chile using the Modyo platform. Financial institutions across banking and insurance as well as large companies with demanding digital transformation programs count on Modyo. The Modyo platform is used to build and manage digital channels encompassing web sites, mobile applications, content and customers that count on the best self serve digital experiences. 

Deloitte Chile and Deloitte Canada operate as one entity focused on harnessing the combined expertise to help clients design and build world class digital experience solutions. Deloitte’s technology and industry expertise help customers identify and make sustainable transformation happen. Combined with Modyo’s unique Micro Front End architecture, Deloitte can collaborate with clients to design and build industry leading digital experience solutions.

Comments on the News

“We’ve been interacting with Deloitte for the past couple years and we share a common vision as to how digital solutions should be architected to the benefit of customers.”  said Mark Bonnell, CEO of Modyo. ‘Modyo’s technology combined with Deloitte’s expertise will help our Latin American clients change the way they create value for their customers” 

“We have had Modyo on our radar for a while, and we see a lot of synergies with clients” said Ricardo Briggs, CEO of Deloitte Chile. “Our teams will collaborate with Modyo and clients to streamline the way we create digital experiences that are easier to iterate and evolve over time.”

“In the context of the Digital Transformation of their businesses, our clients are constantly looking for platforms that will allow them to create innovative digital solutions. Modyo, is one of the most flexible and powerful digital experience platforms on the market. Its modern architecture, based on micro-frontends, allows you to truly create scalable and maintainable solutions that will evolve at the pace that transformation requires.” said Martin Cabrera, Deloitte Partner of Technology, Strategy and Transformation. “I’ve had the privilege of watching the evolution of Modyo’s technology the past 5 years and I believe we can achieve a lot together for clients across our industry teams looking for the right architecture of reference to facilitate digital transformation.”

“Deloitte’s industry experience combined with Modyo’s platform will open up more use cases across industries that will add tremendous value to customers” said Juan Manuel Cortes, Modyo’s Chief Revenue Officer in charge of partnerships . “We have come across Deloitte’s key people throughout Latin America and this partnership is a natural extension of our shared vision as to how digital transformation should happen.”

About Deloitte & Deloitte Canada - Chile

Deloitte is the largest professional services firm globally with offices in 130 countries and global experts across industries and functional business domains. Deloitte Canada - Chile merged in 2018 into one combined business entity serving clients throughout America with a world class services platform where business and technology combine to help organizations create transformative value. In 1923 Deloitte opened its first office in Chile, located in the city of Valparaiso. Today in Chile the company has nearly 2,000 employees and more than 60 partners distributed in seven offices throughout the country, offering services in the areas of Auditing, Risk Management Consulting, Legal and Tax Advisory, Outsourcing, Consulting and Financial Advisory. 

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About Modyo

Modyo is a fast growing software company that helps digital leaders from financial institutions & large enterprises transform their mobile and web channels with a lightweight, fast and secure digital experience platform. With 100 employees today spread across 3 continents we accelerate digital transformation for our clients and partners. 

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