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Modyo integrates with commercetools to create better e-commerce solutions

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This article was originally published on Businesswire.

The latest version of Modyo now integrates with commercetools to help create better digital products and engaging customer experiences. The partnership makes it possible to develop highly scalable solutions through Modyo’s micro frontend architecture coupled with commercetools for merchandising, payments, ERPs, fulfillment, marketplaces, and more.

Santiago, Chile, February 4th, 2021 – Modyo, a company that for more than a decade has been working with leading organizations across industries from finance, to education, and e-commerce to help accelerate their digital transformation through their DXP, has signed a partnership with commercetools, one of the global leaders in next-generation commerce software.

“In 2020 we saw an acceleration by large clients to transform the e-commerce experience and create more flexible commerce solutions putting the customer experience front and center across digital channels.” said Mark Bonnell, CEO of Modyo.  “Our partnership and integration with commercetools will help global clients accelerate better e-commerce solutions. The flexibility of commercetools and Modyo will provide large demanding companies a strategic advantage in how they build e-commerce products that transform their business.”  

Big things come in small (micro) packages

The microservices, API-based technology that commercetools offers, allows for teams to build more in less time, with less resources. Typically, this agile model comes at odds with the slower, more complex frontend architectures of many DXPs in the market. Today though, Modyo’s micro frontend architecture provides a powerful platform to take full advantage of commercetools’ microservices. Global organizations can now work with smaller, less complex codebases in the frontend, and give their development teams more autonomy, allowing them to deliver more frequently, and meet changing client demands. ”We are pleased to welcome Modyo into the commercetools partner network,” said Patrick Ferdig, Head of Partners - Americas at commercetools.  “It is critical now more than ever that companies have an agile solution to respond quickly to market shifts and the combined Modyo commercetools solution provides a tremendous degree of flexibility.” 

About commercetools

commercetools is a next-generation software technology company that offers a true cloud commerce platform, providing the building blocks for the new digital commerce age. Their leading-edge API approach helps retailers create brand value by empowering commerce teams to design unique and engaging digital commerce experiences everywhere – today and in the future. Their agile, componentized architecture improves profitability by significantly reducing development time and resources required to migrate to modern commerce technology and meet new customer demands. It is the perfect starting point for customized microservices.

About Modyo

Modyo builds software to “fundamentally improve the digital experience for millions of people.” The Modyo Digital Experience Platform was created as a lightweight and flexible alternative to the solutions currently available on the market so that clients and partners can build amazing customer journeys across any device, all in one place that allows for a complete integration of their products and services.

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