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Design and build digital experiences with agility and governance.

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Create and launch digital products faster with Modyo

Modyo provides a platform to unify digital experiences by streamlining how your teams launch web sites and mobile apps. Build global transactional web sites on top of the Modyo platform.

Build digital experiences to win customers for life

Modyo lets you build the front end digital experiences to transact with customers. Start with our library of digital experiences or build your own library of widgets and deploy them to your digital channels.

Dynamic Customer Segmentation

Segment your customers dynamically by feeding data to Modyo and using our target builder. Once you have your segments, target your digital experiences and content.

Team Review to Get Things Done Right

Modyo has a powerful team activation and review system which in seconds adds an additional governance layer. By activating team review your teams can collaborate and audit the work being done and published to millions of customers.

Single sign on with Open ID Connect & Google G Suite

Authenticate your users with Google G Suite, OpenID Connect, LDAP and SAML to govern and manage data between our platform and yours.

Micro frontends = Flexibility to evolve

Modyo provides a micro frontend builder where you create widgets or build widgets offline that you push to Modyo. By using our micro frontend architecture you can put the right scope around your digital experiences and make it easier to continue to add value over time.

Learn why Micro Frontends are important as a Front End Architecture


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