Kalle Bylin Mark Bonnell

Digital Onboarding and
The Customer Experience

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Digital onboarding sets the expectation for customers as to how efficient the relationship is going to be and what to expect from an institution. It is one of the “Moments of Truth” for the customer and the company.

Processes are put to the test for the customer where a mental clock is ticking as to how long our inaugural process is going to take and the degree of complexity in becoming a client. For an institution, Digital Onboarding should be one of the most important priority processes to get right.

The economics of customer acquisition alone should motivate companies to build an amazing digital onboarding process. With differing opinions and scales as to exact acquisition costs, there is one truth for financial institutions - acquiring new customers is costly.

But how costly is acquiring new customers?

Download the white paper, and learn 3 different perspectives on customer acquisition costs for financial institutions.

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