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Next-Generation Digital Factories

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Next-Generation Digital Factories

There’s no better time than the present to innovate and surpass customer expectations. The success of Fintechs such as Wise, Revolut and others are because of a combination of financial product innovation mixed with easy, “get things done fast” experiences.

Digital factories focused on executing  this transformation, combining innovation and experience, have to manage client expectations that allow them to launch baseline digital products that surpass the customer expectation threshold. This threshold can mean the difference between successful digital products versus digital products that simply fail to achieve declared business outcomes. For practical purposes let’s imagine that our threshold generates a “wow factor” for clients that makes them feel they achieved their objectives faster than other alternatives.

This white paper aims to explore ways that digital factories can rethink the way they execute in order to accelerate innovation and launch digital products that surpass the customer expectation threshold.

Next-Generation Digital Factories
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