We help universities onboard thousands of students and accelerate their digital transformation.

Build and manage highly scalable, secure websites, student portals and applications integrated with core systems.

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Challenges we solve in Higher Education

Situation Today

Large institutions are realizing the cost efficiencies of migrating to the cloud. Websites, portals and apps are good candidates to host in a single tenant highly scalable cloud for cost efficiencies and a modern technology stack.

For cost efficiencies many institutions control their digital ecosystem internally with open source cms’ for public web sites. The people and infrastructure to support this ecosystem continues to grow in cost but is limited in functionality requiring more expensive custom development and maintenance. Ex. Typically these open source cms’ are not used for high value transactional websites or apps.

Most high value university transactional systems are built with custom integrations to university systems that become expensive to maintain. Universities are looking for flexibility in their capacity to transform with the right platforms and architecture of reference.

Using Modyo to Transform your Institution

Build and manage an infinite number of websites and applications faster than ever across every device.

Use Modyo to build all your public and transactional websites unifying student, faculty and administrative experiences with Modyo’s Frontend Architecture of reference in the cloud. Accelerate your digital teams.


Manage all digital content. Yes Literally (ALL).

Manage all your digital content inside or outside Modyo (via our headless cms) so non technical people can control content, images and assets across your applications.

Inside Modyo

Non technical people can easily manage content, campaigns, targeted messages from one place across all Modyo sites.

Outside Modyo

Non technical people can easily manage content in any application outside of Modyo using Modyo’s APIs.

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