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A next generation customer portal

Customer Portals today need to work across web and mobile devices making it easy for customers to transact and do business with you. Product and marketing teams want to be able to segment customers and personalize their offers to sell more through next generation customer portals. Customer portal software such as Modyo makes it easy for you to integrate to your business systems with our Micro Frontend Architecture that allows you to easily connect to your company's Microservices and APIs. Large organizations such as banks and universities may have multiple portals that need to integrate to different systems. Modyo accelerates your digital transformation with a platform proven to accelerate the launch of modern multi device portals.

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Why and How of Customer Portals?

Unified Customer Experiences

Next generation customer portals today need to be easy to deploy, personal and easier to integrate to your core business systems. Going from a public web site to a transactional cross-device experience should be enjoyable for your customers. Modyo's Micro Frontend Architecture lets you easily modify and build your portfolio of digital experiences that integrate easily to your Microservices and Apis. With multiple ways for us to authenticate your customers we help you organize unified customer data to personalize each interaction.

Cloud First

Maximize the efficiency of your strategic customer portals by activating either a Modyo SaaS Cloud or a Single Tenant Cloud with Modyo. By running a cloud first decoupled strategy, you'll accelerate your digital transformation letting us handle massive scalability while helping concentrate your talented resources on adding real value to customers. You can optionally contract one of our managed services package addons "Modyo Connect" to migrate more of your software architecture to the cloud.

Content Infrastructure for Every Digital Channel or Application

All your web sites and mobile applications and other digital channels have important content requirements. Modyo Content lets you create, manage and distribute content everywhere with governance and scale. Both non-technical and technical people love Modyo's content infrastructure that is both headless and hybrid. You can easily create applications outside of Modyo and use Modyo's API to manage all content and images in an agile team review flow. Within Modyo's platform you can let non-technical users manipulate all content, images and frontend experiences without touching code.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing for your customer portals is key. It's your capacity to improve sustainable business results by managing an ecosystem of tools that need to work together for your prospects and customers. MOdyo's integration with the Google Marketing Platform let's you take data from Modyo and data from your campaigns to build a rich dashboard that makes incoming data actionable. Modyo's targeting engine let's you easily group customers into targets and suggest digital experiences that matter. Digital products can be personalized based on both behavioural data as well as a rich customer profile fed from your business systems.

Self Serve Digital Experiences

Every customer portal should exist to make life easy for your customers. Build self serve digital experiences easier than ever with Modyo's Micro Frontends and our portfolio of digital experiences to help you accelerate how you integrate to your business systems. From self-serve digital onboarding experiences, financial experiences and payment experiences Modyo let's you put your customers front and center in your digital channels.

Awesome Analytics for Better Decisions

Modyo's customer portals generates data. Lots of data. This data is then fed into different dashboards that we call Modyo Insights. Everything from the performance of your digital teams and the outcomes of their digital work to customer data to data that is consumed in third party tools, we help you operationalize data. Operationalizing data is what happens when data is used dynamically in decision-making. Make better decisions with Modyo Insights and Modyo's integration to the Google Marketing Platform, Google Data Studio or your preferred analytics platform.

Customer Portals with Micro Frontends to Scale

Modyo allows developers to build Micro Frontends using the platform’s concept of Widgets, which are the building blocks of digital experiences connected to business systems. No customer portal is a stand alone solution. All intelligent customer portals have to integrate to different company systems. Modyo's Micro Frontend Architecture helps banks, universities, insurance companies, large ecommerce and payment companies and the most demanding organizations work in parallel teams faster than ever deploying high value functionality to customers. Developers can start from one of the templates in our Widget Catalog, modify the code and then push the Micro Frontend to Modyo using the Modyo Command Line Interface (CLI).

Modyo as a platform is a distributed system made for scaling in the cloud with impressive cost efficiencies. Modyo's scope of rethinking the way a digital experience platform should integrate to other systems guided every decision as to what to include and not include so we can help our clients transform faster.

Micro Frontend Platform

Customer Portals with Modyo

Content Anywhere

Modyo Content lets you easily manage digital content anywhere. The headless and hybrid content management system powers your content in any application or device inside or outside Modyo.

Unified Experiences

Modern customer portals power unified experiences making it easy for customers to get things done with simpler, faster digital processes across public and transactional sites.

Micro Frontend CLI

Customer Centric

Integrate your customer data from your business systems with Modyo Customer functionality that power omnichannel experiences creating highly intelligent customer profiles to enable personal experiences.

Team Governance

Let your digital factory shine with flexible team reviews, version control, and complete auditability of who did what and when. Easily integrate your development pipelines with Modyo Channels for the best of offline and browser based development.

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