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Banco Santander - Santander Bank, Leverages Modyo for New Public Web Sites in Latin America

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One of Chile’s leading banks, Banco Santander,  with more than USD $58 Billion in Assets, 11,000 employees and +500 branches went live with their new public website focused on web and mobile banking customers. The new digital channel built on top of the Modyo platform helps banks such as Santander streamline processes in their digital channels to better engage new and existing customers.

Modyo began working with Santander 4 years ago helping the bank manage content in web and mobile channels. Initially Modyo was engaged for Mobile content management but with the success of the first initiative, technology, digital channel and marketing leaders from Santander worked with Modyo and partners to create an architecture of reference for the public digital channels. 

Today Santander is able to manage multiple channels and content with governance and security, respecting the banks compliance to local regulators while streamlining digital marketing initiatives.

Modyo’s focus on large enterprises and financial institutions with millions of customers helps organizations better execute digital transformation initiatives in critical digital channels. Modyo’s hybrid cloud model, combined with Modyo’s widgets, widget builder and decoupled content management helps clients communicate more efficiently internally and externally with customers driving digital initiatives to convert new and existing customers.

Our focus with world class institutions like Santander is to deliver quick, detail-oriented wins with our platform while helping our clients and partners think through a longer term architecture of reference for digital channels capable of integrating with core business systems. 

Multi-channel management for web and mobile customers, digital onboarding, efficient digital content management and pre-built digital experiences for financial institutions help our clients better service their customers. We’re excited to help organizations like Santander in Latin America deliver results. Visit the New Site Here 

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