Digital Onboarding for Web & Mobile

Modyo for Digital Onboarding provides self-serve intelligent customer onboarding solutions to fundamentally improve the first minutes and hours of the digital experience.

Make life easier and better for your customers

Create a customer profiling strategy

Understand your customers from beginning to end. Create a strategy where data is converted to action. Centralize everything in a rich customer experience profile.

Capture data
easily anywhere

Digital Onboarding is about capturing data in the right way at the right time. Create data capture processes that are channeled to the right business outcomes. Never ask for the same data twice.

Process incoming
data quickly

Speed differentiates you in the eyes of your customers. Make everything 10x faster with the right digital actions. Create an interim customer account to activate different benefits and services.

Be accountable to your customers

Start the clock the minute your customers respond. Help them understand where they are in the digital onboarding process and who's taking care of them.

Centralize everything in
self-serve account

Put your customers front and center in their own intelligent, actionable account page. Activate data forms here to unlock more products and services for them in minutes.

Measure your
digital onboarding

Measure from beginning to end. Watch data forms capture and feed data into better digital funnels to help you assign the right actions at the right time.

Create Customer Profiling Fields

Every organization has unique customer profiling needs. Customer profiling is the foundation of every intelligent action once the right data is associated with the customer. Build rich customer experience profiles over time in one actionable place.

Create and Place Data Forms

Build data forms that are triggered by certain actions or activated for specific customer targets. Additionally you can copy and paste data forms across any digital channel to bring data into customer profiles.

Assign Incoming Customers

Assign every customer to the right person accountable for the customer experience and digital onboarding process. Create an accountable process where customers understand where they are and who's responsible for their happiness.

Generate a Central Account

Create the central place from the beginning where customers understand they will be valued. Assign a pre-customer account where no data is lost ever and ongoing communications is possible. Activate different products and services over time as your customers share their needs.

What does Modyo
provide out of the box?

Intelligent Customer profiling with custom fields and every relevant interaction associated in one place.

Agent assignment where the right people are assigned to the right customers dynamically based on the associated customer experience profiles.

The customer experience accountability engine to track the level of happiness of customers based on moments in time.

The Data Form builder to quickly create smart data forms that can copied and pasted anywhere combined with triggers when used in Modyo Channels.

The Rich Customer Account to easily centralize from the beginning every interaction with prospects across web and mobile devices.

Dashboards and metrics that shows customer lifecycle from initial digital interactions to more mature customer experiences.

Experience with Digital Customer Onboarding

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