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The New Modyo Version 9.2 is Here

Modyo focuses on building better digital products that manage omnichannel experiences, customer portals and progressive web apps.

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Published 17 Jan, 2022 3 minutes of reading

Simply put, Modyo is a development platform for creating better digital products that manage omnichannel experiences, customer portals and progressive web apps.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and building new features to meet their needs. With the new and improved version 9.2, we wanted to focus on your feedback and make sure you receive the best possible product.

That mindset is how we developed this new set of features, which aim to provide users with an even more flexible, adaptable and secure experience with the same consistency and reliability.

Security Header Management

Configuring security headers is one of the fastest and most effective ways to secure a web application today, but the task itself is complex and difficult to scale manually. In Modyo 9.2, you can now configure security headers directly from the site administration and add an extra layer of security to your websites and applications.

Security Header Management

Froala Rich Text Editor

Froala is a rich text editor that allows you to seamlessly adjust images, links and content on your site. You will be able to preview changes and updates in real time without the need to edit code. 

Site stages

Create new features and develop your digital channels with a minimum margin of error through pre-production environments. This is what you can do with Site Stages, which reduces the friction between development and deployment, while increasing security against unwanted or unexpected changes. Now you can create secure test environments identical to any digital channel you're running, and when everything is ready, move it into to production in a single step.

User realms

Adapting the content and appearance of your sites according to the type of user or segment you engage with is now possible with user realms. You can group users into realms and display different sites or even different stages of the same site, according to the realm they belong to. User realms are a strategic way to organize your audience members into smaller groups according to their needs, interests or preferences.

Team member groups

With team member groups you can create as many groups as you need and add workers to them. Then, add these groups to sites and spaces with particular roles and all group members will then have that group role within their respective site or space. This eliminates the need to individually assign people to particular digital channels or spaces. Just drop them into a group and they're good to go.

Multiple full admins

The administration of large, complex sites should never fall to a single individual, so we now support multiple full admins with full control over all sites and spaces within an account.

Multiple full admins

New minimal theme

A new and optimized starter template allows you to speed up the initial design process within your digital channels with reusable and responsive components ready to be applied to your site.

New minimal theme

Navigation builders

Automate and reduce the complexity and maintenance of navigation menus with the new Navigation Builder that creates multiple hierarchical navigation trees to use wherever you want.

Navigation builders

Join the Community

All these changes come hand in hand with the new community sections and guides to take your first steps on the Modyo platform. The Modyo Community is where you can find techniques, workshops, tutorials and all kinds of resources to learn everything you can do within the platform and build digital products for your sites and applications.

We can't wait to see how you use these new tools to take your digital products to the next level with Modyo 9.2.

You can review the roadmap to follow the progress of our platform as we begin 2022!

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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