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Product Update: Edit 100 Entries in 1 Minute

You can now publish multiple entries in bulk with Modyo's new product update. Watch the included video for a brief tutorial.

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Published 21 Apr, 2021 2 minutes of reading

Our development team is constantly adding new features that speed up your day-to-day workflow and deliver a better overall DXP experience. Recently, we've improved the way you can edit content from within the Content application, allowing you edit specific fields across multiple entries at once, in just a few clicks.

Bulk editing saves time and reduces errors

This feature allows you to edit multiple entries at once, so you can publish important information for customers quickly and uniformly, avoiding potential mistakes and avoiding a constant cycle of manually copying and pasting.

At the bottom left of the entries list, you will find a new option in the bulk actions drop-down menu that will allow you to batch edit all the entries you have selected by checking the checkbox to the left of each.

You will then see the list of fields that these entries have available. This is where you can make all the content modifications that will also be replicated in the rest of the selected entries.

To finish the process, you confirm the changes you are making in the summary view. You can check the values of the fields that you're updating and once everything is correct, simply save the changes and all the selected entries will be updated automatically.

Do these changes publish right away?

No, Modyo will only leave the modified entries as "pending changes'' so you can double check your modifications. You then select all the entries’ pending changes to publish them in bulk by selecting the publish option in the bulk actions menu.

If you want to see this new feature in action, we invite you to watch the video example above, where our Head of Product, Jordana Simon, explains how you can start using this new feature right away.

Photo by Andi Li on Unsplash .

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