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Mid-year Platform Review

We're halfway into 2021, and we’re excited to update our community on the latest features and upgrades we’ve added to the platform, as well as new features to come.

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Published 14 Jul, 2021 4 minutes of reading

We're halfway into 2021, and we’re excited to update our community on the latest features and upgrades we’ve added to the platform, as well as new features to come.

We’re constantly developing and deploying new tools and improvements that provide real solutions and add real value to our clients and partners, across the variety of use cases that the Modyo platform addresses from content, channels, customers, and more.

Messaging with Customers, and beyond

woman reading an oversized report with statistics and graphs

To provide more baseline functionality, we’ve made general improvements to the messaging aspect of the Customers module. We’re making it easier to create and review templates, perform email modifications, and most importantly we’ve revamped metrics reviewing, so that it’s easier to understand and track campaign performance across your digital channels.

There are exciting future plans with Modyo Customers that go beyond messaging improvements. We’ve been researching and building new ways of engaging authentic user connections and experience-first thinking through behavioral analytics and want to help you use data-informed feedback to build better experiences, both for visitors to public channels as well as sessioned transactional customers. 

Multiple account owners

Modyo now allows each account to have multiple owners. This particular role has always been singular, but can now be assigned to additional users. Unlike platform administrators, owners can access every aspect of an account, without the need for prior role assignment or permissions. 

Having redundancy in the owner role helps prevent scenarios where admins could potentially “lock the door behind themselves” and prevent their own access back into a specific area of the platform. With multiple, carefully selected account owners, this removes a security bottleneck and is an overall improvement to platform access.

Administrator groups

pie chart with people inside each segment

Scalable digital channels often mean that certain administrator roles have access to numerous areas of the platform, across digital channels, spaces, the asset manager, settings, and much more. Before this update, adding a new administrator to an account meant assigning them a given role, then individually assigning that person to all the areas and channels they need access to in order to do their job.

Now with administrator groups, you can grant access to channels, spaces, and other areas of the platform to an entire group, rather than individuals. So, the next time you add a new administrator to the platform, simply place them in an administrator group and they will inherit all the pre-assigned access that group has.

A new Minimal template

screenshot of the new minimal template

Easy-to-use right out of the box, the new Minimal template of the Modyo platform provides a good baseline for any developer or content manager looking to create a new site. 

Based on Bootstrap 4.6, Modyo Minimal is a theme that lets you use all the components available in this version of Bootstrap, along with Modyo widgets that display dynamic content through the platform's own version of the Liquid SDK.

You can learn more about connecting content to your channels through our hybrid CMS by reading the docs.

Multi-menu Navigation builder

We’ve listened to our platform users, and have improved the flexibility and adaptability of the Navigation builder to fit more use cases in our clients’ digital channels. Now the Navigation builder provides more options for those use cases where limiting a single digital channel to a single, universal menu does not make sense. 

Platform users can now create more than one menu for a single channel. The reality is that many clients use multiple menus: main menus, secondary menus, mega menus and more, all for a variety of reasons. With this update, our clients can stick to just one menu in a digital channel, or three, and the Navigation builder can adapt to those use cases.

Security header management

view of a key inside a lock

We’re putting control over security header management in the hands of our clients. We take web and application security very seriously at Modyo, but we recognize when clients have particular policies or configurations that they are looking to enact and maintain in their digital channels.

With this update, client operations can control their HSTS rules, referrer-policy, content-security-policy, and much more.

Many exciting things to come

3 explorer contemplate the summit of a mountain

Future platform updates are going to see a lot more improvements and new feature rollouts. We’re planning to add triggers with business events, as well as automation with customer journey mapping, site staging, RFM modeling to simplify and automate user segmentation, and much more. 

We’re always listening for client feedback and looking ahead to the future on how we can leverage technology to help build better digital products that provide better digital experiences for millions of people. If you’re interested in building better digital products with a next-generation digital experience platform, reach out and talk to us.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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