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6 Essential Dimensions of Marketing in Modern Web Applications

In the modern world of marketing, the key to successful execution of marketing strategies in sites and web applications lies in autonomy, control, and metrics.

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Published 26 Sep, 2023 4 minutes of reading

When it comes to marketing tools and best practices, at Modyo we know that autonomy, control and metrics are crucial to success.

We are relentlessly focused on autonomy for marketing teams in order to free them from development cycles across digital channels and allow them to focus on customer attention and retention. This means giving teams tools to have full control over the content lifecycles of actively updated websites and web applications.

It’s also important for marketers to have full control over content and asset access within digital channels, as well as targeting specific cohorts of customers to create stronger connections with your brand.

Ultimately, you can only influence what you can measure, and the best marketing efforts are always based on sound metrics. The platform integrates with Google's robust metrics ecosystem to give marketing teams actionable insights and makes it easy to demonstrate real change and better results.

In this article, we'll explore in detail 6 dimensions of modern marketing teams that the Modyo platform helps elevate to drive attention and retention for lead generation, content marketing, and insightful metrics.

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1) Autonomy and Independence

One of Modyo's best features is its focus on the autonomy and independence of marketing teams. The platform allows teams to create and manage content autonomously through its micro frontend architecture, without the need to depend on development cycles across sites and applications. 

Microfrontends are independent modules within a single view, whether in a page on a website, or a screen on a web application. Within each page or view, different teams can modify or publish varying content across different micro frontends without stepping on each other's toes. And, more importantly, independent of functional updates within an app itself. This translates into a faster ability to respond to opportunities and challenges, staying on track with marketing content strategies with better end-to-end control over the process. 

In addition, content within Modyo can be defined and used to create pop-ups or campaigns and using custom fields, create layout options and display types, as well as control over look-and-feel presentation aspects of a site.

2) Unified Content Management

Another dimension important to marketing teams is the ability to decouple and manage all content in one unified place. Whether it's content for a website, an application, or any other digital endpoint, Modyo allows you to manage and distribute content consistently across multiple channels. 

Simplifying content management by centralizing how you distribute across digital channels ensures a consistent experience for your customers across all touch points. And consistency is vital when communicating, as it builds trust and confidence. This decoupled process frees marketing teams from channel-specific requirements, allowing each piece of content, campaign or communication to be dynamically adapted at various endpoints.

Content Management

3) Targeting and Precision

Modyo has the tools you need to segment your audience and deliver personalized content. You can use demographic data, user behavior or import data from your CRM to create specific segments to display and send highly relevant campaigns and messages. 

In addition, by using integrated forms you can find out, for example, what products a particular customer is interested in and dynamically modify the content they see. The precision in segmentation capability and strategies increases the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and improves customer experiences, as the content they see aligns with their preferences.

4) Workflow and Governance

Modyo offers workflow management and governance tools that allow marketing teams to maintain control of their projects. Through roles and different levels of access, teams can establish custom workflows and processes that fit their specific needs and ensure that the right steps are followed at each stage of a content lifecycle. 

This guarantees more auditable processes and quality in the execution of marketing strategies. In addition, through a version control system, marketers can quickly undo unwanted changes and revert to previous versions. 


5) SEO Friendly

Search engine visibility is essential for online success, and Modyo makes it easier than ever. Within each site or application (with the advent of modern mobile architectures such as PWAs, which are indexable by Google), SEO can be layered to meet the needs and requirements of digital marketing teams.

Each web application on the Modyo platform comes with a series of layered templates that can dynamically inject specific SEO attributes such as titles, meta descriptions, header tags, link attributes, canonical tags and more.

Proper page attribution and best practices increase organic SERP positions, and drive more traffic to your website. Modyo clients have seen an 18-24% increase in organic clicks and impressions after switching the development and management of their digital channels to the Modyo platform.


6) Measurement and Iteration

With an established digital strategy and the right tools in place to execute, the ability to measure marketing efforts across every site, web application, and digital channel in a cohesive way is crucial. Otherwise, failing strategies never improve and instead iterations just circle the drain and what works never gets identified. 

Modyo makes integration with Google Tag Manager (GTM) extremely simple in any site or web application. This allows the use of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to measure traffic and interaction with an adaptable, universal strategy for metrics generation, ensuring that marketing teams can leverage data to make informed decisions.

In addition, Modyo offers a Channels module that enables the insertion of tags for metrics generation and advanced marketing activities, such as A/B testing. This means that on a per web application basis, tool sets such as Crazy Egg, VWO, Omniconvert can be customized for more sophisticated testing and performance measurement.

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In Modyo's Marketing team we “prep our own food in our own test kitchen” and we review our content efforts and metrics every day. The autonomy and independence of unified content management by working within Modyo speeds up and makes our work much easier. Personalizing the experiences of each of our leads allows us to maintain relevant communication with them and through SEO and integrations with Google marketing tools keeps us top of mind for when they are ready to take the next step. 

If you’re looking for a solution to take your marketing efforts to the next level, or are curious to know more about how to execute a great content strategy through a composable front end platform like Modyo, drop us a line here and let's talk about how your company’s marketing can benefit from the platform. 

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