Web Content Management

At Modyo, web content management first began 7 years ago. A global brand came to us for an international, multi-site solution to engage customers.

We Are Web Experience Delivery Experts

  • Proven

    The Modyo Team brings 20+ years of web content management experience. We first worked in the dotcom boom. Today banks, Universities, and other mission critical, content-driven companies trust us.

  • Friendly

    Our goal is to maximize the productivity and flexibility of content through our platform. Content teams work both with a WYSIWIG editor and text editor for sophisticated access to the html, css and javascript.

  • Multi-Device

    The strategic importance of content today means multi-channel accessibility to your brand is a must. Deliverables in any screen-size are a primary value we deliver with our content management.

  • Templates

    ModyoDX™ enables you to build and copy templates for use across different sites. Templates provide access to all the important digital experience elements that web and mobile developers love. Easy access to HTML, CSS, Javascript for everyone.

  • Workflows

    Great companies require low-to-no risk of their reputations. Avoid embarassing mistakes in web and mobile solutions. ModyoDX™ provides a robust yet simple workflow solution that streamlines the creation of digital journeys.

  • Versions

    Digital Experiences require constant evolution. You must adapt. Version control in ModyoDX™ means that your digital teams can continue to evolve. Take control with options of rolling back or moving forward to specific versions of content layouts.