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From rebuilding their transactional customer portal to digital onboarding, LarrainVial is transforming self-serve customer journeys.

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Situation Today

Wealth Managers are being driven to make it easier for people to invest or risk losing customers. At present a prospective client is typically required to complete a lengthy onboarding process with different documentation, compliance and contracts in order to open an investment account. Making it simple to capture data, documentation, signatures and fund the account is a must for modern wealth managers.

New Fintech disruptors are changing the way people invest. Immediate onboarding and transfer of funds combined with easy to understand investment processes and products are transforming the way customers think about their investments. Modern customers are becoming more self-serve and self-interested in how their money is managed.

Easier investment experiences means more clarity in how information is presented, understood and acted upon by customers of different ages and profiles. Wealth Managers are being challenged to fundamentally improve how different customers can easily invest with greater efficiency and transparency.

A leading wealth manager saw a 300% increase in digital investments by building their transactional channel with Modyo

Why Modyo for Wealth Management?

Reinvent and Execute Faster

Modyo’s platform helps your teams deliver with a ready to go wealth management portfolio of digital experiences you can personalize to accelerate your time to market. Become the Fintech you’re meant to be and differentiate on top of Modyo.

Governance of All Digital Content

Manage all your digital content inside or outside Modyo (via our headless cms) so non technical people can control content and campaigns across your applications and devices.

Digital Onboarding

End to end digital onboarding experiences that integrate to your CRM, Document Management and Digital Signature vendors to streamline the key moments in your customer journey.

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