Web & Mobile Digital Banking Solutions

ModyoDX™ helps you accelerate production of the entire front end digital experience for web and mobile customers across public and transactional channels. Build and Deploy Financial Widgets securely.

ModyoDX™ Banking accelerates digital transformation with out of the box financial components.

Build your financial widgets for web and mobile


Define your financial
digital experiences

Building a great financial journey starts with defining high impact customer interactions that make life better for customers across web and mobile devices.


Organize your Api's + Microservices

Your IT team has been hard at work creating their Microservices and API's so your front end customer experiences can shine. Connect hard work to amazing widget building.


Define your
digital factory team

Your development team requires roles, permissions and a smart workflow for putting widgets into production. Start by defining who will do what in your widget factory.


Build your re-usable
financial widgets

Creating financial widgets requires connecting to API's to back end core banking software. Create the best financial widgets that you can activate, modify and deploy faster than ever before.


Define your customer web & mobile layouts

Create widgets that work across web and mobile layouts. Create widgets once using html, css, and javascript frameworks and publish across different sites & apps. Build your library of widgets.


Drag and drop widgets into layouts

Your widget is built, now send your code to reviewers to approve your widget. Test and move your widget along to an approver. Publish the widget to production and monitor happy clients.

Define the DX Development Team

Start by setting up roles and creating workflows for your amazing front end UX and development team to create the widget factory that will differentiate you. Create the process where Widgets get built, approved and deployed to production all from the ModyoDX™ Channels platform.

Build Front End Financial Widgets

Your digital factory will design the UX and build the widgets that connect to Microservices and API's. Amazing financial widgets that are easy to create, modify and publish will start to emerge in a couple of Sprints by teams that love html, css and javascript.

Inspect Code and Publish Widgets

Being fast and operating agile requires governance and smart processes. ModyoDX™ provides front end code review process that looks at what code changed between what widget version. Reviewers send along to Approvers who publish to digital channels.

Control Widget Placement & Versions

Now that you've built the widget, you have to place the widget in your web and mobile channels. Easily drag and drop the widget to your sites. Modify and evolve the widget easily following the reviewer, approver process to always be ahead of the game.

What is out of box
widget development?

Highly granular and intelligent roles, permissions and workflows so the right people can work on the right front end development initiatives.

Leverage the ModyoDX™ code editor to save versions of your widget code and roll back to previous versions.

Preview all your widgets directly in your sites to see exactly what your customers will see before publishing live to customers.

Easily connect ModyoDX™ to your API's to build the right customer widgets for the right target customer segments.

Collaborate between front end UX designers with javascript developers in one central place.

Drag, drop and evolve your widgets in real time with the right governance and smart workflow process.

Modyo is a software provider focused on delivering products and solutions for enterprise and financial institutions committed to accelerating their digital transformation and building better digital experiences.

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