Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Customer Experience Management

Improve the Customer Experience.
Create your digital marketing hub to
Acquire, Analyze & Act in one place.

Smarter Digital Marketing

As a marketer, create engaging content and gather relevant data through applications and forms.

  • Create engaging content for landing pages with the Modyo Content Application.
  • Capture Customer Data for any solution on any site whether inside or outside of Modyo.
  • Group Customers into specific Targets to analyze and act in one place.

Insightful Profiling

Create rich customer profiles in one place. Incoming data is dynamic, captured by both Modyo and your own internal applications. Process it, build profiles, and send smart email campaigns to specific customer targets.

Build Fast.
Integrate Anywhere.
Analyze and Make Intelligent Decisions.


Use our out-of-the-box Content, Support, and Courses applications or build your own applications to connect to Modyo. Centralize your web and mobile experience in one place.


Take Modyo data and inject information into your applications to build the experiences that your customers expect. Feed your applications with intelligent, detailed content and resources.


Analyze what's happening with your customers in real-time and take intelligent action with Modyo Targets. Targets are the solution to act smarter with large volumes of customer data.