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A 3,000 employee diversified insurance group is consolidating their digital experiences with Modyo.

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As an insurance leader in Latin America with more than 3,000 employees, Consorcio continues to drive their digital transformation with Modyo.

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Insurance Solutions with Modyo

Customer portals & payments

Agent & Broker Portals & Simulations

Websites & Landing Pages that Convert

Digital Onboarding of Customers

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Situation Today

Insurance companies are realizing the cost efficiencies of migrating to the cloud. Websites, portals and apps are good candidates to host in a single tenant highly scalable cloud for strategic efficiencies (value + cost). Modyo provides you with a Single Tenant cloud or our SaaS cloud.

New companies are disrupting the market with a singular focus and amazing UX for better insurance customer experiences. Many insurance companies have custom & legacy systems that are migrating to a new architecture of reference based on APIs and Microservices.

From direct to consumer to broker systems and partnerships, insurance companies continue to seek more flexibility to adapt and invent with their technology stacks.

A leading insurer unified their digital channels with Modyo from simulations to account activation in one place

Why Modyo for Insurance ?

Speed your transformation

Use Modyo to accelerate the value provided in your websites and apps with Modyo’s Frontend Architecture of reference in the cloud. Easily connect experiences to your APIs and Microservices.

Reinvent faster

Modyo’s platform helps your teams deliver with ready to go digital insurance experiences that accelerate adoption and invention. Become the Insuretech you’re meant to be and differentiate on top of Modyo.

Governance of all digital content

Manage all your digital content inside or outside Modyo (via our headless cms) so non technical people can control content and campaigns etc... across your applications.

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