Digital Marketing for Millions

Create dynamic, targeted audiences. Define customer digital journeys across web and mobile with offers that are both relevant and personal.

Streamline your Digital Marketing

  • Applications

    Use our applications and kickstart your digital marketing initiatives. With ModyoDX™ Content, Commerce, and Support alone, you can engage customers with much more personalized experiences. Or make your own custom apps to build unique solutions within your industry.

  • Email

    Send email from within the ModyoDX™ platform, and use our dynamic targeting tool. Define target audiences on the fly and send emails to the right customer at the right time. Increase your productivity by having email campaigns integrated into your core digital platform.

  • Targets

    Targets are the audiences you define in ModyoDX™. View their data in customer profiles in real-time, based on all their interactions within the platform and applications. Gather passive interaction data, or active data through our forms to segment your audiences with strategy.

  • Forms

    Build your forms to capture data on any site or in any solution. Data forms in ModyoDX™ are easy to make and insert anywhere. They provide you with an active method of data capture so you can create customer profiles that rich with detail.

  • Profiles

    Customer profiling in ModyoDX™ organizes your data to create a 360 degree view of every individual in your user database. Learn and adapt your content and applications to drive the relationships you want to build with your customers.

  • Layouts

    Layouts give flexibility to drag-and-drop application widgets. Use them to create pages that engage your customers with different content, promotions, products, videos and more, targeting all your specific audiences.