Digital Commerce Done Right

Contextual shopping. Real-time analytics. Improved mobile experience. Put simple purchasing power in the hands of your customers. Explore how we create your digital commerce.

Content & Commerce in One Place.

  • Integrated

    Our clients asked and we delivered. ModyoDX™ comes with an integrated digital commerce application. From content to commerce, you can create amazing digital journeys. Give your customers a purchasing experience with context.

  • Flexible

    Different digital commerce scenarios require a flexible platform. ModyoDX™ provides this flexibility. No matter the service or product, we enable your services team to leverage the platform and build robust commerce solutions.

  • Multi-Device

    Complete every customer interaction or purchase via web or mobile. Out of the box our commerce application is built with responsive templates for both. Availability in all devices adds value to their experience, and opportunity for your bottom line.

  • Visual

    Motivating people to buy is not easy. It requires a digital experience that leverages great content and simple purchasing. Upload videos, photos and create a visual experience that motivates people to buy your products. Context is key.

  • Analytical

    Our digital commerce comes with great analytics. ModyoDX™. You gain all the logistics and real-time product and order data expected of a world-class commerce application. Tags, statuses, categories, and more, all Excel and CSV exportable.

  • Targeted

    Every purchase adds detail to rich customer profiles. Use this data to target select audiences. Focus on presenting the right products to the right target customers at the right time, and generate sales.