Commerce and Payment Solutions

Modyo provides a commerce and payments framework to quickly enable customer and partner transactions across web and mobile devices.

Modyo powers Sencillito to help customers pay their bills from any device.

Build a commerce or payment solution faster


Activate a Modyo
Private Cloud

Modyo Commerce is an out of the box framework that can be customized for enabling payment gateways across web and mobile devices.


Modyo Commerce

Modyo Commerce enables large enterprises to create different commerce scenarios to fundamentally improve customer transactions.


your Microservices

Through a Modyo Private Cloud, the Commerce application can be integrated with company Microservices and web services to empower customer transactions.


Add and manage
your products

Modyo Commerce comes with a product catalog manager, logistics coordination, a payments framework, and order management.


Manage your
client transactions

Customers can buy, manage their transactions, check the status of their orders, and review their location information from both web and mobile devices.


Measure your
commerce solution

Customer logs are processed from the initial buy action through to the completed order, tracking the entire purchasing experience. Customers can be organized into segments based on transactions.

Start with Modyo Commerce

Modyo Commerce is a framework that can be activated in the Modyo Private Cloud for digital transformation initiatives to fundamentally improve commerce and transactions for payment gateway-enabled merchants across web and mobile devices.

Showcase your Products

Modyo Commerce comes with an out of the box catalog to create, edit and showcase products. Product features can be easily showcased to promote any type of product or service.

Integrated with Payments

Modyo Commerce is configurable as a framework to integrate with payment gateways and different types of transactions. From unique mobile payments to simple payment integrations, you can build out your payment model.

Measure Customer Transactions

From the initial buy button until the completed order every log is processed to understand how you're doing with the customer transaction experience. Process customer logs to create customer segments and measure everything in your own dashboard.

What is the Modyo
Commerce framework?

Don't start from scratch. Build the commerce or payment solution right for your company and geography.

Build the best front end customer payment experience. Leverage mobile payments to understand your customers.

Web and Mobile ready. Enable transactions from any device out of the box.

Integrate with Microservices and Web Services. Connect with your back end ERP or other required integrations.

Connect commerce and payments to rich customer profiling. Put your customers at the center of the transaction model.

Create dashboards from transaction logs of everything that is relevant in the process.

Experience with Commerce & Payments

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