Modyo News & Content

  • Modyo finishes strong 2017 with steady growth

    28 Dec, 2017
    Micro Front Ends and Micro Services that work together through a great platform for building public and private digital channels.
  • ModyoDX™ integrates with PayU to launch payments in Colombia for Cinemark Digital Channels

    19 Sep, 2017
    To power the digital channels for companies like Cinemark, Modyo continues to integrate with different payment systems. The most recent integration with PayU and subsequent launch of Cinemark Colombia’s new digital channels enables thousands of Colombians to purchase movie tickets across web and ...
  • ModyoDX™ powers new digital experience for online payments with leading bill payments company - Sencillito

    6 Aug, 2017
    ModyoDX™ powers the digital experience for online payments by IGT-International Gaming Technology, the world’s largest gaming company and owner of continues to double down on financial solutions for some of the most important brands in South America. Our focus on building the...
  • Bci Launches Rewards & Commerce Solution with ModyoDX™ Commerce & Payments

    3 Jul, 2017
    ModyoDX™ Commerce and Payments solution powers the new Bci Rewards and Benefits site. Working collaboratively with banking and commerce partners the new responsive web site fundamentally improves the digital experience for Bci customers through web and mobile channels when taking advantage of the...
  • Cocha launches multi-site travel benefits solution for banking clients

    26 Jun, 2017
    ModyoDX™ powers multi-site cloud solution for major travel company working with leading financial institutions.Partners working with financial institutions must pass strict standards of compliance and security in their solution offerings to banking clients. Cocha is a leading travel solutions com...
  • Major Banks launch solutions with Modyo and ModyoDX™ for digital banking channels

    12 Jun, 2017
    As we continue to expand into financial services clients such as Banco Santander and Bci have enabled us to continue our growth by powering and fundamentally improving a bank’s digital channels. Our years of expertise in building secure, highly scalable platforms provides clients such as banks wi...
  • Modyo Expands Team focused on Financial Widgets for Digital Transformation

    15 May, 2017
    With the launch of ModyoDX™ we’ve added key functionality to streamline development of digital channels. Our banking clients can now deploy front end financial widgets for digital transformation faster than ever.The new widget builder has enabled us to expand our team focused on Pre-Built front e...
  • Modyo launches version 8 of its Digital Experience (ModyoDX™) Platform to initial Clients.

    11 Apr, 2017
    We’re pleased to announce that we've launched version 8 of the ModyoDX™ Cloud to select clients.9 years ago our team came together from different parts of the world and we have continued to build and enhance our Digital Experience (DX) platform to help large enterprises interact across digital ch...
  • ModyoDX™ adds power to Santander Mobile App

    2 Jan, 2017
    Leading banks in Latin America continue to adopt ModyoDX™ software. We're pleased to share that another leading bank has adopted ModyoDX™ to add functionality to improve the omni channel customer experience. Our platform continues to generate positive momentum inside financial institutions loo...
  • Modyo speeds Digital Transformation with ModyoDX™ for Large Organizations

    11 Oct, 2016
    The new 7.4.3 release of ModyoDX™ continues to speed how banks and other large organizations develop web and mobile solutions for millions of customer interactions. Our new front end production-to-production version control system with powerful tools for building the web and mobile customer expe...
  • Modyo Launches Mobile Payments with Copec for millions of Chileans

    1 Oct, 2016
    Modyo integrates mobile payments app to ModyoDX™ for one of Chile's most prestigious and largest companies.  Founded in 1934, Copec is Chile's Oil and Gas company providing services to millions of Chilean consumers through the largest network of service stations in the country. Together with Cop...
  • Bci Launches New Entrepreneur Portal with ModyoDX™

    9 Sep, 2016
    ModyoDX™ continues to power Bci sites focused on the customer experience. Bci Bank continues to revamp their main portals and sites focused on different customer segments.ModyoDX™ enables the bank to produce high quality customer experiences focused on entrepreneurs and corporate customers wit...