ModyoDX™ powers the digital experience for online payments by IGT-International Gaming Technology, the world’s largest gaming company and owner of

Modyo continues to double down on financial solutions for some of the most important brands in South America. Our focus on building the core digital experience layer connected to Microservices in hybrid clouds (AWS and On Premise) is fundamentally changing the digital experience for millions of customers by fundamentally speeding up innovation and agile software development.

Using ModyoDX™ development teams can build better digital experiences faster for end customers. Combined with our out of the box applications and widgets we are able to help large companies and institutions get critical digital value into production.


The new Sencillito aims to streamline bill payments across any device. Working closely with clients like IGT-Sencillito, we are able to rapidly impact the core digital customer experience. ModyoDX™ empowers companies such as IGT to build more dynamic digital solutions.

For the past 9 years we’ve taken our core platform to the next level concentrating on the entire digital channel from Digital Customer Onboarding to Core Financial Widgets that quickly impact our financial services clients. The new ModyoDX™ architecture will continue to add functionality that is “expected by digital customers” and that goes to the heart of maximum efficiency in a multi-device experience for functions such as bill payments and other financial transactions.