To power the digital channels for companies like Cinemark, Modyo continues to integrate with different payment systems. The most recent integration with PayU and subsequent launch of Cinemark Colombia’s new digital channels enables thousands of Colombians to purchase movie tickets across web and mobile devices.

Cinemark continues to expand its digital channels in the cloud with ModyoDX™. The PayU integration powers payments in Colombia using ModyoDX™ as the back end platform that powers the front end customer experience (CX). The purpose of the digital channel is to streamline and create the easiest possible way for people to transact, purchase tickets across any device connected to Cinemark’s loyalty program.

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ModyoDX™ Channels are powered by it’s widget builder which connects to API’s and provides code governance for the entire Front End Customer experience. Enterprises with millions of customers trust the ModyoDX™ platform to build, adapt and scale digital experiences across both web and mobile devices.

A primary purpose of ModyoDX™ relates to facilitating payments and key transactions that form the basis for a happy customer experience. The easier it is to get things done through self-serve digital channels, the happier the customer. In particular if that company rewards customers for their transactions.

Modyo provides leading companies like Cinemark with Out of the Box applications and widgets through a secure cloud platform that facilitates and enhances digital experiences across web and mobile channels connecting to backend company systems.