The new 7.4.3 release of ModyoDX™ continues to speed how banks and other large organizations develop web and mobile solutions for millions of customer interactions.

Our new front end production-to-production version control system with powerful tools for building the web and mobile customer experience is impacting the way customers think about digital marketing and customer engagement. As banks and large global organizations undergo digital transformation and commit greater resources to these initiatives, their processes continue to grow in complexity.

Greater focus is being placed on the Digital Factory and the way this should work in Digital Transformation initiatives.

The release of Modyo 7.4.3 is one such response to optimizing the digital factory. The latest version of the Modyo Digital Experience Platform - ModyoDX™, introduces important upgrades to the way customer targeting is processed, powerful tools for development and management of the front end experience with modern frameworks such as Angular and a brand new Version Control system to protect brand equity and reputational risk of the most prestigious institutions.

Not only did we add powerful Front End Development functionality but we continue to make sure that the performance of our platform continues to exceed customer expectations. Our expanded relationships with CloudFlare and Varnish enable large organizations to deliver fast, secure, frictionless customer experiences through our ModyoDX™ Cloud and ModyoDX™ Private Clouds. Our commitment to the Cloud remains steadfast and we continue to help the largest companies move to both hybrid and cloud only models.

Front End Site Versioning in Production

The ModyoDX™ Platform now distinguishes between an organization’s live Production version of a site, and the current Editable version also within the production environment as part of the digital factory. These versions are kept entirely separate. After initially published, any changes made through the platform apply to an Editable version of the site that must, at minimum, pass through the "Differences View" and the team responsible for code level change reviews.


We also added the option to fork site versions for greater flexibility & power to Front End Development Teams focused on the customer experience. Forking creates a completely separate copy of the site and Version Control enables organizations to jump between site versions for editing and development, be they forked or previously published older versions of the website.

Previewing in Production

The 7.4.3 release of ModyoDX™ also expands the previewing functionality. Preview generates an as-is version of a site’s Editable version as if it were live when the Preview button is selected on the back end. The Preview tool generates the site, and displays a temporary navigation bar above the site’s main view where developers can navigate the Preview URL. It also displays the current site version number. Navigating the preview site through page elements is also reflected in the Preview URL.



The Differences View enables Front End Developers with a love of HTML, CSS, and javascript to quickly explore changes made between versions. ModyoDX™ divides the Differences into the four categories under the Customize section of the main menu: Layout, Navigation, Language, and Design. Each Difference category follows a color-coding model, with relevant organizational patterns for presenting changes.


For example, differences in the Layouts are organized hierarchically,  while Design differences are simply a color overlay on the code that has been added or removed. The Differences view is also key to the entire Version Control system as it is the place on the back end where developers can publish a new version of the site. They further have the option to not only compare code differences between the current Production and Editable versions, but developers can also compare either of these to any previously published versions as well.


The History view gives organizations insight into recent actions and changes made on the current site within the digital factory. The information displays the change made, with a link to each individual user and to the site itself. The ModyoDX™ Platform has many different monitoring systems, and the History view in Version Control is one such monitoring tool on the back end.


Improvements to Targeting

Not only have we focused on key Front End features, but the processing of Targets (customer segments) has been improved with an upgrade to specific underlying technologies used. Targets power customer profiling to scale so that the right customers see the right content, widgets and applications. ModyoDX™ as a development platform for web and mobile solutions rely on targets for greater personalization and relevance.