Amazon Web Services in Latin America invited Modyo to educate clients at the main Cloud Computing IDC event in Santiago, Chile hosted at the W Hotel.

Together with leading companies and thinkers in cloud computing, Modyo's CEO and CTO were invited to speak at the IDC Cloud Conference. Amazon Web Services asked Modyo to share their experience in high availability portals using the Amazon Cloud. As one of the first clients in Latin America to adopt the Amazon Cloud and other cloud technologies, Modyo has developed a deep experience in cloud technologies both with Amazon and other partners. Modyo's CTO explained the lessons learned from 7 years of working with Amazon Web Services. Our capacity to provide clients with consistent uptime and availability above 99.95% at an efficient cost has positioned Modyo as a leader and expert in cloud operations and monitoring.

Modyo's experience with Dev Ops has positioned the company as a "Go To Partner" in Latin America for companies looking for portals that have the capacity to scale. Modyo together with its technology partners has enabled clients to automate critical processes related to infrastructure and monitoring. The largest companies in Latin America continue to migrate important sites and portals to clouds operated with Modyo platforms and infrastructure.

We're proud to be considered a leader in cloud operations and technologies surrounding Amazon Web Services and other cloud software for Dev Ops.