We’re pleased to announce that we've launched version 8 of the ModyoDX™ Cloud to select clients.

9 years ago our team came together from different parts of the world and we have continued to build and enhance our Digital Experience (DX) platform to help large enterprises interact across digital channels. Today ModyoDX™  has become a powerful Omnichannel Digital solution for large enterprises in Latin America with other clients licensing Modyo’s core software outside of Latin America.  Millions of digital customer experiences monthly pass through ModyoDX™ and we are humbled by the quality of clients that have put their trust in us.

We had more talent than ever work on version 8 of ModyoDX™. Our product teams have grown adding great engineering and product people over the past 18 months. An important focus for our teams were to add functionality that our financial services clients requested to improve the management of their digital teams responsible for the customer experience in both public and private sites. ModyoDX™ version 8 continues to accelerate digital transformation for agile development teams.

ModyoDX™ version 8 is for large enterprises to create and scale their Omnichannel customer experiences. Companies with millions of customers require a platform that can streamline digital processes, improve customer conversion and facilitate customer transactions across any device. The combination of the ModyoDX™ platform to build the best customer experience in a fast, secure environment together with the capacity to extend functionality and integrate with Microservices has made the platform strategic for enterprises looking to undertake important digital transformation initiatives. 

Today banks such as Banco Bci and Banco Santander count on ModyoDX™ software to help manage digital channels for millions of customers. This includes using our platform to create and manage  the right content for the right target customers in robust, easy to manage workflows. The unique architecture empowers the digital ecosystem where employees, agencies and partners are able to add the right value to digital processes to the benefit of customers across web and mobile channels. 

For the largest oil and service station company in Chile - Copec www.copec.cl, ModyoDX™ connects both web and mobile channels while rewarding customer payments via mobile devices and launching self-service products such as home delivery of kerosene and scheduling an oil change. 

For the largest theater company in Latin America - Cinemark  www.cinemark.cl ModyoDX™ enables millions of ticket purchases across web and mobile devices to improve the movie experience and integrate partner promotions.

Our objective with ModyoDX™ version 8 is to continue to open our platform to industry specific software partners looking to speed digital transformation initiatives with a proven platform and continue to fundamentally improve the customer experience. Another objective has been to continue to migrate our core technology to continue to maximize the use of cloud services for high volume web and mobile channels and processing big data to enable real time analysis and customer interactions that are core to our product roadmap.

We want to thank our customers for the trust placed in us.