With the launch of ModyoDX™ we’ve added key functionality to streamline development of digital channels. Our banking clients can now deploy front end financial widgets for digital transformation faster than ever.

The new widget builder has enabled us to expand our team focused on Pre-Built front end widgets that connect to API’s. As a result of the new ModyoDX™ Front End Development environment and widget builder, our clients, partners and services teams can speed the development of the best digital customer experiences using Front End technologies in a secure highly scalable environment incorporated into ModyoDX™.

Working with large financial institutions with ambitious digital transformation initiatives whose purpose is to fundamentally improve the experience of their customers requires using different javascript frameworks to enhance the customer experience. A primary issue has been how to incorporate Javascript & its frameworks while protecting the integrity and security of digital channels while speeding deployment of friendlier financial feature widgets. Addressing this issue combined with a smart, flexible ModyoDX™ DevOps model to deploy front end code quickly has led us at Modyo to help leading financial organizations speed their digital transformation to the benefit of their customers.

Our next phase is now in full force with teams focused on pre-built Front End Widgets with best practices in UX incorporated directly into the Front End code. Our focus on Financial Services with our first Front End Widgets concentrates on delivering a better out of the box banking experience for common transactions. To this end we’ve added key talent to work on the most common financial widgets that will power any bank globally by easily connecting to their API’s or Microservices.

During Q3 we’ll be facilitating demos for clients while teaching clients & partners how they can leverage the new ModyoDX™ Widget builder.