The core team gets stronger adding key engineers and solution managers. Apply

Our human capital continues to grow. Our excitement for the future as well. 

We're pleased to share that we have been able to continue to attract key engineering and consulting talent to our core team. In the past 4 months we've added 10 great people to Modyo each with a unique background and skill set that should allow us to continue to grow with our current portfolio of clients.

Our primary focus in hiring has been on adding further redundancy to our current senior engineering team, improving our capacity to propose the right solution as well as expanding our focus on mission critical cloud solutions where Modyo is deployed for high-traffic engagement sites and portals.

We've also added engineering talent to assist in the integration work that large enterprises require to connect to legacy software. Our commitment to client and partner education has also brought some great new hires as we work hard on explaining Modyo software and solutions in 2015. A new Spanish site is in development where we'll fundamentally improve the knowledge of our base of Latin American clients and partners.  

We are excited for 2015 and feel that our greatest asset is our commitment to knowledge and investment in the Modyo team to the benefit of the amazing clients that have fueled our growth from the beginning.