As we continue to expand into financial services clients such as Banco Santander and Bci have enabled us to continue our growth by powering and fundamentally improving a bank’s digital channels. Our years of expertise in building secure, highly scalable platforms provides clients such as banks with tools that accelerate their digital transformation.

ModyoDX™ has continued to gain traction in the financial services industry where large banking clients require more flexible technologies to power the digital customer experience. Modyo’s core expertise in providing the platform for millions of digital customers in Latin America has enabled us to pass the due diligence of the most disciplined, regulated clients.

ModyoDX™ provides a complete front end development environment for Digital Transformation that centers on secure front end development that accelerates all aspects of deploying amazing UX interactions into production connected to the bank’s API’s. Large development teams and partners can work collaboratively in an architecture that balances mission critical functionality that banks require for compliance, while considering agile development practices that encourage shorter release cycles to lower risk.

For digital banking teams ModyoDX™ solves the problem of issues that pertain to very slow deployment cycles that impact the bank’s business units and relationship with customers. ModyoDX™ provides the capacity to integrate with the plethora of internal systems and banking cores that power banks globally. This translates into the capacity to innovate and sell across any device while understanding digital banking customers.

ModyoDX™ takes best practices in Front End Development from the most innovative global banks as well as other industries so as to apply these interactions in intelligent widgets that power web and mobile banking experiences. Banks globally have converged on a minimum set of expectations as to how a digital bank should operate with customers.  We look forward to helping our banking and financial services clients deploy ModyoDX™ maximize the value from digital banking channels.