Entel powers new Mobile catalog with ModyoDX™.

Thousands of Entel customers can now search for the right smart phone and plan on their Smartphone.

The new mobile catalog simplified the way customers can drill down on the right phone for their needs directly from their existing Smartphone. Within 60 days Entel was able to launch their new mobile catalog using a platform that out of the box supports both web and mobile development.

Together with Entel we examined the critical aspects of the customer journey when looking for a new phone and plan. The time constraint and strategic importance helped us decice on the right way to launch an initial solution that would fundamentally improve this aspect of the Entel portal.

The ModyoDX™ commerce application was used for the catalog which provided the perfect base to manage product information and create different filters to sort and display product information.

An entirely new way of browsing Smartphones and plans improved the way that clients can quickly assess features and functionality of different phones. A standard was created to make ongoing management simpler and faster for Entel.

As Pamela Diaz from Modyo Services explained “Our objective was to find the right way to improve the customer experience through better visualization of products while improving ongoing management of the mobile catalog for Entel”.Pamela Díaz, Modyo Technical Project Manager.

You can browse the catalog on your Smartphone here Consumer Catalog y Company Catalog