ModyoDX™ powers movie app in Entel Mobile Application .

Thousands of customers can now purchase movie tickets from within Entel Mobile App.

Modyo Professional Services using ModyoDX™ for hybrid mobile applications worked with Entel and Cinemark to power movie purchases directly from the Entel customer mobile app. The app enables Entel customers to obtain special discounts on movies, purchase from the phone, skip lines and enjoy the best of a smart mobile app. The Modyo Professional Services team built the mobile app integrating with Cinemark's back end systems.

Cinemark and Entel      

Entel is a telecommunications company with millions of customers in Latin America. The mobile customer experience and services that enable happier clients are strategic to long term relationships. Within the benefits Entel provides to clients with their loyalty programs, discounted movie tickets are highly popular for key customer segments. 

ModyoDX™ enables companies such as Entel and Cinemark to have a core digital transformation platform to build applications that fundamentally improve the customer experience. ModyoDX™ connects with legacy and back end systems to streamline development following agile practices. 

ModyoDX™ and Modyo Professional Services continue to power clients with high impact digital transformation initiatives that go to the core of the customer experience.