The purpose of the solution is to continue to build upon the student lifecycle while incorporating corporate education into the role of continuing education for the institution. Both individuals and corporate customers can centralize their relationship with Duoc UC in one place.

An Integrated Continuing Education Solution.

Modyo has worked with Chile’s leading higher education institution for the past 4 years streamlining and fundamentally improving the digital experience for students and internal administrative resources. Modyo began working with Duoc UC with their process for student acquisition and then began to add applications for student admissions and now continuing education. Together with Duoc UC, Modyo has become a strategic partner to fundamentally improve the overall student experience.

The new continuing education solution integrates both CRM features together with Modyo’s eLearning solutions to offer an integrated education platform that improves the speed and efficiency of delivering courses to the right people at the right time either online or offline.

Key metrics are tracked in real time related to both individuals and companies that trust Duoc UC for world class education solutions. The continuing education team from Duoc UC can more efficiently interact with both students and corporate customers in one place. Proposals for education solutions are generated with greater speed and accuracy while the continuing education web site is converted into a strategic hub for capturing new students and corporate clients.

ModyoDX™ was integrated into backend systems for a solution that provides Duoc UC with the data necessary to manage thousands of students monthly. The integration with SAP feeds data between SAP and ModyoDX™.

The outcome of the ModyoDX™ continuing education solution for Duoc UC is one of the most powerful solutions for streamlining different education models mixing both CRM functionality with online courses to create an integrated student profile. Corporate customers as well as individual continuing education students can be managed with greater efficiency and personalization.

The right courses can be shared with the right students at the right time in one solution based on ModyoDX™.