Great digital results in Chile leads Cinemark to expand the relationship with Modyo to other countries in Latin America. Cinemark Paraguay launches with ModyoDX™.

Modyo has established a long term relationship with Cinemark to fundamentally improve the web, mobile and e-commerce experience of movie audiences. Results in Chile relating to web, mobile and e-commerce enabled Cinemark International to continue to move forward with a solid platform for content management and customer engagement in Paraguay for the launch of the first theater in that country.

Cinemark Paraguay and Modyo

Cinemark Paraguay

Integration between the Cinemark ERP and ModyoDX™ enables Cinemark to leverage internal systems feeding information automatically to external customer channels. Movie times and scheduling information is streamed to web and mobile responsive views in the first phase.

Initial customer profiles and promotions enable Cinemark Paraguay to begin to nurture the first phase of the customer relationship. Audiences can save the movies they like and begin to develop their personal profile that Cinemark Paraguay can then target with relevant promotions.

The ease of publishing and integrated email platform lowers the management of the customer experience for Cinemark Paraguay. The capacity to have both content, promotions, customer databases, and integrated email provides Cinemark with a strong platform for managing millions of movie lovers.

We’re proud to help companies such as Cinemark engage millions of customers with ModyoDX and Modyo professional services.