Duoc UC expands relationship with Modyo

Using ModyoDX™ and Amazon Web Services Duoc UC launched online admissions.

The challenge was to quickly deploy a highly scalable online admissions portal for one of the most prestigious institutions in Chile with 100,000 students.

Modyo Professional Services using the ModyoDX™ platform quickly modeled the admissions workflow together with great people at Duoc UC. The solution which needed to be live in 120 days enabled more than 50,000 students and Duoc UC to save time and money through a streamlined admissions process. The solution was both integrated with internally systems, in this case SAP and the Modyo Services team created an application that produced a real time dashboard of incoming students.

Modyo provided Duoc UC with a base platform from which to continue to expand functionality for future admissions and the architecture to create a better digital student journey.

Modyo's commitment to offering clients a complete solution which includes Amazon Web Services infrastructure and monitoring enables clients like Duoc to sleep well at night knowing that Modyo's 24x7 application monitoring keeps the student admissions process rolling.

In 2016, Modyo will continue to power Duoc UC with ModyoDX™ applications and functionality for happy students, staff and faculty.

Modyo commits 110% to our clients. We're proud to have earned the trust of Duoc UC and other leading organizations in Latin America.