ModyoDX™ Commerce and Payments solution powers the new Bci Rewards and Benefits site. Working collaboratively with banking and commerce partners the new responsive web site fundamentally improves the digital experience for Bci customers through web and mobile channels when taking advantage of their rewards and points.

ModyoDX™ provides additional add on applications for commerce and payments that flexibly powers key transactions for financial services and other industry partners. Banks benefit by controlling their customer experience and creating a standard for partners that participate in fulfillment of e-commerce transactions. ModyoDX™ integrates with different internal and external partners to fundamentally improve omnichannel digital experiences for financial institutions such as for rewards, loyalty and promotions e-commerce solutions.

The architecture of ModyoDX™ enables different forms of authentication required by banks to manage the customer session and connect to point systems that can then be combined with payment systems to leverage a combination of both points and payments to purchase products and services through digital banking channels.

Fulfillment partners leverage ModyoDX™ Commerce and Payments for catalog management as well as order processing. Financial institutions are able to control the customer experience and quality level of fulfillment partners while measuring the perceived value of customers.

ModyoDX™ Commerce and Payments solutions accelerates different types of commerce and payment solutions for financial institutions and other industry customers.