ModyoDX™ continues to power Bci sites focused on the customer experience.

Bci Bank continues to revamp their main portals and sites focused on different customer segments.

Bci Empresarios and ModyoDX™

ModyoDX™ enables the bank to produce high quality customer experiences focused on entrepreneurs and corporate customers with a new revamped web & mobile responsive portal to engage customers & prospects. One objective for Bci Empresarios is to connect, capture and engage businesses and entrepreneurs with high quality information using different media. Video, articles and images are combined to help people find information relevant to their interests.

Attractive web and mobile layouts present information that is easy to digest to a broad range of customer groups. The purpose is to help people understand the right products and services specific to their business needs. The entire navigation and layouts of the portal were rethought and reprioritized focused around the customer.

The new ModyoDX™ front end version control solution enables Bci to manage the entire Front End customer experience with greater speed and flexibility. Bci is able to control reputation risk while streamlining the construction of front end elements. At Modyo we've been rethinking the entire digital factory of how great customer experiences are produced. Each portal, site and solution that is generated today is leveraging better technology and processes to benefit end customers. 

Bci and other key banks count on ModyoDX™ to fundamentally improve the customer experience for millions of people.