ModyoDX provides Bci and other large enterprises with more flexibility to build better customer experiences across digital channels.

Modyo works with the largest companies in Latin America on core platforms to enable fundamentally better digital experiences for customers and employees. The new portal provides customers with a fully responsive web & mobile experience, a new modern front end for higher engagement with millions of Bci customers.

ModyoDX™ powers web content management, application development and customer engagement for large enterprises such as banks. The platform enables greater flexibility and creativity by digital agencies and technology partners while helping to protect the brand reputation and key marketing assets of large institutions. Both IT and marketing resources are leveraged in ModyoDXto generate the ecosystem to win more clients and improve the digital experience of all stakeholders.

ModyoDX™ technology works in both the Cloud and On Premise to provide financial institutions with the choice of which infrastructure best meets their unique demands. ModyoDX™ provides a technology stack that complies with key security standards while enabling a more streamlined process and ecosystem for launching new web and mobile solutions.

Modyo’s significant ongoing investment in Research and Development has enabled us to provide our large enterprise clients with the confidence to invest and build out unique omni-channel digital solutions. Our work with both technology and marketing partners continues to produce world class solutions for demanding clients that intend to make the most of their digital channels to drive new business opportunities.

We’re excited to have clients such as Bci fundamentally improving the digital experience of their customers with ModyoDX™.