ModyoDX™ Features

Customer Targets

Targets are one of ModyoDX™'s most powerful customer engagement tools. They adapt and change in parallel with changes in user data. This means more relevant customer interactions and happier customers.

Improve interactions

Targets are dynamic, organizational subsets of your customers. They enable many methods of engagement that are not possible otherwise for large businesses. Here are some of the many actions you can take:

  • Feed home page widgets specific content based on customer profiles
  • Assign support issues and responsibilities to employees with particular skillsets
  • Give relevant product recommendations
  • Remind users of upcoming events through email campaigns

Invest in Targets.
Use them everywhere.

Investment in your Targets means greater relevance and more personalized interactions with your users. You can filter users into targets by profiles and previous interactions.

Use targets in marketing, email campaigns, activity tracking—any interaction. They all benefit from targets, and they update in real time.