Modyo Platform

Amazon Web Services &

Leverage our technology partnership and world-class Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure for stability and scalable execution. Modyo offers managed cloud services of our platform with 24x7 monitoring, scalability, and lower operational costs when you use the Cloud and Enterprise Private Cloud as the backbone of your digital enterprise. You can begin immediately or give us a call to assess different cloud options.

Performance on command

Modyo uses:

  • Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2 & ELB)

  • Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3)

  • CloudFront CDN

Ec2 and ELB allow flexible capacity and greater fault tolerance. We use S3 for secure, durable, and scalable storage. The CloudFront is for proxy server and cache content.

Lay strong foundations with Modyo and AWS. Doing so ensures your business operates at high transfer speeds and low latency worldwide.

Global backups and failsafes

The Modyo Cloud and Enterprise Private Cloud are configured between at least two AWS zones that have independent connection and power services. They are set up close to your relative location to minimize latency.

Backups are also performed daily and automatically in a private repository through Amazon S3. This gives you the highest data fidelity possible.