Modyo completes first set of Financial Widgets using a Microfrontend Architecture

Modyo Product Team Completes First Set of Front End Financial Widgets

Pursuant to our strategy we're pleased to share that our first set of financial widgets have been deployed to our Dynamic Banking Demo. We concentrated on Retail Banking and Wealth Management widgets as we have clients that are looking to accelerate their digital transformation. 

We've been working on this strategy for the past year after laying the base foundation for our widget builder to manage javascript, css and html that connects to APIs and Microservices the financial widgets are the end result.

Microfrontend Governance

Our vision of creating the best platform for building Microfrontends to connect to Microservices to speed digital transformation is on track and we're lucky to be working with some great clients that are believers in this architecture. Leveraging the ModyoDX™ widget builder and core Frontend architecture we conceptualized years ago to speed integration, several critical components have come together that should make the cadence of digital factories more consistent.

We've been disciplined about the scope of our product and the problems we're trying to solve for Financial Institutions. The result for our clients is that they can produce digital experiences across web and mobile devices with greater cadence and iterative capability while respecting governance.

Every widget that is generated follows an agile workflow where teams can collaborate on building digital experiences with the right scope. Each widget can then be deployed for web and mobile.


We're excited about our roadmap and during the next quarter we'll be sharing more news about our progress. We intend to help our clients with large digital factories build the best digital experience with an architecture that is proving to be core to the evolution of financial institutions.

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