Modyo's portfolio of digital experiences lets you WOW clients faster.

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Our library of financial experiences accelerates your digital transformation. Start with our Micro Frontends or Build your Own with Modyo's Widget Builder.

Use Modyo to design and build digital experiences that save your teams thousands of hours while creating a front end architecture of reference that's easy to change, experiment and win customers.


Experiences built as Micro Frontends for your Teams

Reinvent and innovate.

Banking widgets replace in-person processes with better digital experiences designed by our UX experts.

Work faster with fewer mistakes.

Our platform provides developers with tools such as a CLI for custom pipelines that provide a secure, predictable, elegant production model.

Design tailor made solutions.

The portfolio comes with a design system that lets you customize both the look and functionality of any experience, from mortgage simulations, to payment histories, and much more.

Learn why Micro Frontends are important as a Front End Architecture

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Reach out to us and let’s have a conversation about how we can help you accelerate, or if you'd like to learn more, read our blog post about Micro Frontends.

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