Build unified digital banking & insurance experiences cleanly, quickly and securely.

Ready-to-go digital experiences for banking & insurance

Use our benchmarked templates & financial widgets to provide your customers with clean, clear, better experiences when interacting with your brand. Modify every experience and make it your own.

A leading wealth manager saw a 300% increase in digital investments by building their transactional channel with Modyo

Content management across all your
digital experiences

With your UX and software engineers designing & coding, use Modyo Content to deliver content across your channels to any device. You can change text, images, and media in one place, and publish it anywhere.

Let Team Review accelerate
customer value

Set up Team Review to put faster business value into your digital channels while meeting compliance requirements. Set rules and establish processes that are simple and easy to follow.

Unify your digital experiences from onboarding to account activation in one place.

Use Modyo Channels to build your public web sites then use Modyo widgets to create digital onboarding solutions and finally activate transactional widgets all from one powerful front end platform.

A leading insurer unified their digital channels with Modyo from simulations to account activation in one place.

Get started with our portfolio of digital financial experiences (DFX)

Retail Banking experiences for account management, credit cards, and money transfers ready to connect to your APIs and Microservices.

Wealth Management experiences to help customers understand their investments, simulate their future, fund accounts and visualize their performance.

Digital Onboarding experiences that save customers' time, increases customer conversion and eliminates transaction costs.

Insurance experiences to increase customer conversion and centralize the purchase of different insurance products.

What does Modyo offer financial institutions?

A central platform for all digital content management across all devices by non-technical people.

A multi-site architecture for managing all your different sites across business units.

Both cloud and on premise deployments. Use our cloud or yours to deploy Modyo.

A portfolio of digital financial experiences ready to connect to your APIs and Microservices.

Customer segmentation to target content, experiences and campaigns.

Digital governance through Team Review to have the right people approve and audit content and front end digital experiences.