Create, upload, organize and publish digital content.

Manage all your web and mobile content in one place with multiple sites and languages.

Web Content Management for
Better Digital Experiences

Create Content

Upload and Organize Videos and Pictures.

Organize everything with categories and tags.

Search content.

Publish, program and save content.

Optimize content for SEO.

Create or upload digital content easily.

Create content or upload and organize your digital content assets.

Create articles, upload videos, photos, or files to feed different sections of your web and mobile sites or portals.

Publish, save or schedule your content.

Publish content immediately or set a date and time to publish.

Save content to work on, set a schedule or assign content to reach a specific audience using Modyo targets.

Categories, sub-categories and tags
keep you organized

Information Architecture

Intelligently organize your content with an information architecture that will enable you to keep your digital assets in the right place to intelligently manage long term.

Assign content to widgets

Position widgets in the right web and mobile layouts that are automatically fed content to maximize efficiency in your web and mobile operations.

Multiple Device Publishing

Create responsive templates so that your content looks great in different web and mobile resolutions.

Activate social sharing

Enable clients to share content to Facebook and Twitter. When publishing content select the option for audience social sharing.

Publish content to a target audience

Create target audiences using different filters that combine platform and application data. Publish content to specific targets.

Search for anything.

Customers can search for content in web and mobile sites while admistrators can search for content in the back end content application.